An introduction

Hi.  I have set this blog aside to spotlight songs that were once popular, but now, at least in my opinion, they are not getting the attention that they deserve.  This blog is intended to present an alternative to the same 100 songs that every mainstream classic hits radio station seems to love.  Seriously, what classic hits station (or adult contemporary station, for that matter) doesn’t have “Take On Me” or “Come On Eileen” in its library?  And are those songs any more worthy of being remembered than other songs?  Not to me, they aren’t.

(As an aside:  this is pretty much the idea that spawned one of my all-time favorite radio shows, “Crap From the Past“, which originates from community-run KFAI 90.1 out of Minneapolis.  Only I don’t have access to a community radio station, so I have to run a sixth-rate blog.  And yes, I do know that there are other shows that also spotlight such songs, but really, they’re a small minority.)

You, dear reader, are more than welcome to suggest songs to be spotlighted.  Just be aware that my tastes are all over the place, and I may go in a completely different direction with the songs presented here.

A lot of the information in the entries here comes from Wikipedia, which is not always the most reliable source, though I have generally found it to be pretty good with regard to songs’ peak chart positions and other similarly verifiable facts.

One other disclaimer:  I will, as much as possible, include links through which these songs may be purchased.  As you might expect, I get a very, very small pittance from any sales made through these links.

Enjoy the music.

2 thoughts on “An introduction”

  1. Just got done going through your entire 11 pages and what an exceptional job you did!! I also have a very wide vast taste in music. and love to try and remember songs that have been forgotten. Many of the songs on your blog, I do have in my collection, but just reading all the info and history about the artist was very satisfying! I do hope, you in time you will continue this page and I will continue to follow.

    Sincerely, The Gow!

    1. Glad you liked it! Keep checking back – I have a long list of songs I want to get added to the site!

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