We Don’t Talk Anymore by Cliff Richard

Some artists have an amazing amount of chart success in their native country without having much of an impact in the United States music scene at all.  Others eventually do hit the charts in the USA, sometimes almost two decades after starting their music careers.  In that second category we find Cliff Richard, who had a few hits later in his career.  One of his biggest hits, which has become virtually forgotten by radio, is “We Don’t Talk Anymore”.

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Missing by Everything But The Girl

Occasionally a band will spend years in relative obscurity and then, finally, suddenly break through with one big hit before settling back into the same obscurity from whence that band had come.  One such band, at least as far as the American music-buying public was concerned, was Everything But The Girl, who hit big with “Missing”.

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Maybe I’m a Fool by Eddie Money

Ask a fan of classic hits radio about the name Eddie Money, and odds are good that you will hear about only two or possibly three songs.  But in reality, Eddie Money had quite a good run, with almost a dozen top 40 singles and four platinum albums.  Since we’re talking about him on this page, though, it’s likely that you haven’t heard some of his songs on the radio in a long time…if ever.  Take, for example, “Maybe I’m a Fool”.

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