You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else by The Jones Girls

The end of the disco era brought quite a few one-hit wonders onto the chart.  Among that number were The Jones Girls, who, despite a fair amount of success on what was then called the soul chart, only placed one song into the Hot 100.  Do you remember “You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else”?

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Come Back by J. Geils Band

With the advent of April 2017 came yet another classic hits artist taken from us, as John “J.” Geils was found dead in his home at age 71 of what has been reported to be natural causes.  J. Geils, of course, was the namesake of what was called the J. Geils Blues Band before simply becoming the J. Geils Band in 1969.  (I suppose it was a catchier name for a band than its original name, Snoopy and the Sopwith Camels.)

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