Sweet Lui-Louise by Ironhorse

It’s not uncommon for a band member to leave a successful group and form his (or her) own group.  Sometimes those later groups are successful themselves, and sometimes they aren’t.  In the group of those bands which were somewhat successful, but forgotten, is the group Ironhorse.

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An introduction

Hi.  I have set this blog aside to spotlight songs that were once popular, but now, at least in my opinion, they are not getting the attention that they deserve.  This blog is intended to present an alternative to the same 100 songs that every mainstream classic hits radio station seems to love.  Seriously, what classic hits station (or adult contemporary station, for that matter) doesn’t have “Take On Me” or “Come On Eileen” in its library?  And are those songs any more worthy of being remembered than other songs?  Not to me, they aren’t.

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